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A 3-week course for adult beginners that teaches everything you need to know to get started playing piano.

All of the skills you need to know in order to start playing what you hear. Learn how to play piano by ear by studying the strategies and tactics taught in this course.

Bored with your chords? Want to write better songs? Think like a pianist to unlock the secrets of advanced harmony.

Hey there! I'm Morgan Jones. I am a piano teacher offering online lessons over Zoom. In addition to teaching privately, I chair the Keyboard Department at the Los Angeles College of Music and serve as Music Director and pianist for the American Contemporary Ballet.

Kids, adults and all experience levels are welcome. I work with total beginners, professionals and everything in between!

I got my start teaching in New York City public schools through the Morse Teaching Artist Fellowship at Juilliard, where I received a master's degree in music. Some of my career highlights as a performer have included playing with Aretha Franklin, recording "High Hopes" with Panic! at the Disco, and performing on American Idol, the Voice and Glee.

1:1 Piano Lessons over Zoom

♬   Take lessons from the comfort of home on Zoom

♬   Learn any style: jazz, classical, blues, pop & more

♬   Flexible scheduling and stress-free cancellations

♬   Begin reading, playing by ear and improvising

♬   Study piano with a Juilliard graduate

♬   Kids (4+), adult students are welcome

♬   Grow confidence in your piano skills

♬   Learn a new song in one week

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Brian from Jeopardy Testimonial

Brian Chang,6x Jeopardy Champion

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Morgan is the greatest! He's the perfect combination of dedicated teacher and consummate musician.

He can meet an incredible range of needs: he teaches my friend, a professional musician in need of keyboarding and theory practice, with as much skill and professionalism as he does me, essentially a rank beginner returning to piano after twenty-five years away. He can support jazz and classical study, music theory and just-for-fun playing, you name it.

He's not just a serious student of music, but a serious student of teaching itself--always refining his techniques, working on his tech-savvy remote-teaching methods for quarantine, considering the latest psychological research on practicing.

Best of all, his personality is unsinkably encouraging and patient, even with his high standards. His Juilliard training and instinctive understanding of the keyboard and music theory, not to mention the grind of professional gigging, have not distanced him a bit from his love of music or his memory of what it's like to struggle with musical vocabulary. He's capable of focused critique as well as fun digressions on Coltrane enclosures or Chopin left-hand melodies. He thinks of himself as a student too always, setting challenges for himself that advance his career as well as help him identify with students.

Practically speaking, he's incredibly flexible in scheduling--sometimes, I think, to his own detriment. He has informed opinions about how things ought to be done, but he's always willing to work with your situation. He's also just a pleasure to spend time with, so approachable you can forget (until he plays) just how much skill and craftsmanship separates him from you.

He communicates beautifully, is available for questions by text, has made me innumerable playlists and music recommendations, follows through on his commitments, and has just enriched my musical life all around. I really can't recommend Morgan enough. He ought to charge me more.

- Ian Chang